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If you have dry scalp, you know it is not fun to live with. With all the products on the market today, all boasting their product as the “cure all” for dry scalp, it’s hard to know what brands to trust. Dry scalp is usually caused by environmental irritants. Being in the sun or wind too much, swimming or bathing often in chlorinated water and chemicals from hair care products are some of the most common causes of dry scalp. Men and woman alike are affected. Dry scalp causes dandruff and can be itchy when it’s moderate to severe.

Dandruff can be embarrassing for a man or woman. No one wants to see flakes on their shoulders and it can seriously lower one’s self esteem and confidence. Luckily the folks at Selsun Blue have created wonderful products to treat dry scalp and dandruff before it becomes severe or noticeable and it’s affordable with Selsun Blue coupons.

Currently Selsun Blue has about 4 different shampoos on the market. Each shampoo is created to treat dandruff, as well as target other symptoms of dry scalp. Selsun Blue’s Menthol shampoo is used to cool and soothe the scalp. Their normal to oily shampoo is used to control excessive amounts of oil build up on the scalp, preventing the formation of dandruff. Selsun Blue’s Moisturizing with Aloe does just what it says, using aloe to soothe itchy scalps. Their newest product is their Naturals Island Breeze shampoo. It’s their gentlest formula, using 8 intense moisturizers, botanicals and vitamins to treat soothe and heal dry, itchy scalps. No matter what your preference, Selsun Blue has been creating dry scalp shampoos for over 30 years and is sure to have a product to treat your dry scalp!

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And don’t forget about your favorite furry friend either. Did you know that one of the most common dog ailments is dry skin and dandruff? Groomer’s and veterinarians are both recommending home use of Selsun Blue for dogs who have moderate to severe dry skin.

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